Boru Spool İmalatı

As ROLEDA MAKİNA, we are following the developments of the need for energy of our country,which is constantly growing and developing, and the world.

We have undertaken, in accordance with related quality regulation and technical specifications, Pipe Spool Manufacturing and Installation projects  that we included in our production plans by trusting the knowledge and experience we gained in TRANS ANADOLU NATURAL GAS LINE PROJECT that we undertaken  by stating that our Company has experienced engineers and knowledge based on the decisions we have taken in order to meet the needs of the Energy Production and Storage Facilities resulting from these developments.

We carry out the all pipe spool manufacturing for the needs of

  • Natural gas conversion plants,
  • Geothermal power plants,
  • Thermal power plants,
  • Petroleum refineries and
  • Petrochemical plants.

As ROLEDA family, which makes production planning especially in alloy and unalloyed groups in our country and in the world, we have the capacity to meet the needs of the whole industrial sector with the power of our product range and the combination of our production speed with our dynamic structure.