ROLEDA MAKINA, with the experience gained in the construction sector in the past, combined with the experience in steel structures, has carried out both conventional steel structures and traditional construction systems with the project services.

It has carried out the manufacturing of the steel structures, which we stand for the production, in accordance with the “Design and Built” model with its project group. In other words, ROLEDA MAKİNA has developed itself as an engineering company beyond the steelmaking manufacturers.It provides engineering consultancy to the demandants, as well as the design, manufacturing, installation services.

Long-span, double curvature cage shells, guyed structure solutions, which employers and architects demand at a high rate, especialy recently, have an important place in our activities in the field of steel structures.

ROLEDA MAKINA carries out the manufacturing of steel structures by applying high engineering methods and technologies in accordance with national and international standards.

It has adopted the most important principle to create optimum solutions by considering together

  • the building safety,
  • the ease of production and installation and
  • the total economy criteria .

For this purpose, the application experiences of ROLEDA MAKINA with its producer identity are the most important factors that make it easier to reach this optimum result.

Manufacturing includes all parts of the system in the factory environment and related industrial quality assurance.Manufacturing is done according to standards and specifications and certified. Construction site productions and all applications are controlled in a similar way.