As ROLEDA MAKİNA, we are aware of our responsibility towards all interested parties and we manage our activities in line with our integrated management system, which we create, implement and sustain.

In our activities to increase our business partners who rely on ROLEDA MAKİNA in every corner of the World, we commit to

  • Comply with the requirements of our integrated management system standard (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and  ISO 45001 etc.) with the other relevant standards and the principles of ROLEDA MAKINA, particularly the requirements of primary and secondary legal legislation; and  meet the requirements and expectations of our customers and all the other interesred parties and always inform them in accordance with these principles;
  • Manage our risks and opportunities by following all aspects that may affect our activities with a proactive approach, health and safety dangers and environmental dimension and our impacts, take necessary actions and maintain our ability to fulfill our commitments;
  • Implement, support and encourage sustainable continuous improvement as the basic culture of our Institution;
  • Sustain our active and continuously developing systematics and activities by ensuring the active participation of all of our employees in the management systems from the highest to the lowest in each location where we operate; identify and meet the need for training for this;
  • Conduct our processes with target unity and effective controls in accordance with our strategic objectives;
  • Ensure and manage sustainably all the necessary resources for our operations and integrated management systems,
  • Adopt the protection of the environment with the provision of occupational health and safety as our basic principles; create a healthy and safe working environment for this and eliminate and/or reduce the environmental impact of our activities;
  • Do our part from the beginning for preventing pollution adn protecting the environment by taking the necessary measures such as energy saving, prevention of waste of natural resources, reduction of wastes and recycling of waste during our activities,
  • Meet the needs and expectations of our customers in a way that ensures the highest level of satisfaction with our competitive products and services in national and international markets in the light of all these and produce high-efficiency, long-lasting and sustainable solutions;